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January 09, 2003

"The Palestinians . . . Millions of Gollums?" Update

An enterprising reader of this site enjoyed my commentary so much that he designed a graphic for it. My original comment, plus the graphic:

A thought occurred to me tonight. I'd like to throw it out there for comment, to those who have seen The Two Towers. Aren't the Palestinians and the Arab/Islamist world a lot like the psycho-evil Gollum personality? "Those tricksy Zionistses, they stole it from us. Tricksy, false! We'll poke out their eyeses. Or . . . we could have Saddam do it. Yes! That's it! We'll have Saddam do it. And then, when they're dead, we takes the precious."

The reader, Bill Levinson of Omdurman, also made the following comment:

I saw "The Two Towers" yesterday and they had a Palestinian Orc. He was the one who ran with the torch into the explosives under the fortress' wall. Since he blew himself up along with the wall, he must have been a Palestinian Orc. I do NOT want to envision what 72 Orc virgins look like.
I agree.