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January 11, 2003

Palestinian hatred goes beyond Israel

It targets America as well. Gaza Hamas leader Rantisi called on Arabs to kill Americans. What? You mean the Palestinians hate Americans too? I thought it was about "occupation." I thought it was about "settlements." Oops.

Gaza Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi made Hamas's first threat to launch suicide attacks against the US, in an address to thousands of supporters in Gaza City Friday.
Yes, thousands. Not a "few hundred" extremists. Thousands. And that's just one rally in Gaza City.

"I call on Iraq to prepare an army of would-be martyrs and prepare tens of thousands of explosive belts," Hamas official Abdel Aziz Rantisi declared at the pro-Iraq rally.
Explosive belts. Don't leave home without 'em.

"Blow yourselves up against the American army. Bomb them in Baghdad," Rantisi added. "I call on all Arab nations to burn the ground underneath the feet of the Americans in all capitals."
What's the object here? To leave the Americans with blisters?

Shouting "Death to America" and "Victory from Jerusalem to Baghdad," tens of thousands of Hamas supporters marched in the streets of Gaza City to protest against US threats to launch a war against Iraq.
Tens of thousands? It's not just five Islamic extremists? Wow.

The demonstrators burned US, Israeli, and British flags as Rantisi and other other Hamas leaders urged Muslims to carry out suicide attacks against the US.
Funny, you never see the terrorists burning French flags. Maybe that's because the French lie down and take it from the Islamists day in and day out.

In addition to Rantisi, the rally was attended by Hamas officials Nizar Abu Rayan and Ismail Abu Shanab.

Palestinian Authority security officials told The Jerusalem Post that the Hamas rally reflected growing hostility among the Palestinians toward the US and Britain. They noted that the PA had banned pro-Iraq rallies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for fear that such events would threaten its relationship with the US and other Western countries.

The PA banning anti-American rallies is like Hitler banning anti-Semitic rallies. The PA may be afraid of "jeopardizing" its "sterling relationship" with the US, but they're a bunch of anti-American terrorists who would love nothing better than to see the US in smouldering ruins.

The three Hamas leaders said the demonstration was the beginning of an Arab and Islamic intifada to support the Iraqi people. They also condemned pro-Western Arab governments for supporting the US and providing bases on their territories for American and British troops.

"The masses who gathered here today came to tell [US President] George Bush that his terrorism in Iraq will not triumph and that his soldiers will be crushed," Rantisi said.

We're quaking in our boots. Come and get us. We've got millions of guns and tons of nuclear materials just begging for use. As Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler might put it, we're just waiting to turn all your terrorist countries into a sea of glass.

"Iraq will turn into a graveyard for the American and British invaders. The Crusade campaign that Bush is leading against Islam and the Muslims is doomed to failure."
Strange how the most vocal Muslims consider this a war between Christianity/Judaism and Islam. They must be wrong. After all, Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Addressing the Iraqi people, the senior Hamas official said: "Be patient, remain steadfast, and fear Allah. American revelry will be defeated, by God's will, in Iraq. They will not taste victory."
God's will is that all of you terrorist, murdering scum are wiped off the planet. We'll be happy to oblige Him.

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