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January 30, 2003

Palestine for Dummies

David D. Perlmutter tells it like it is in Jewish World Review.
I recall during the Gulf war a Kurdish spokesperson was asked why the world didn't concern itself with the national hopes of his people. His answer was brutally cynical and absolutely correct: "We don't commit terrorism against Europeans." The Palestinians have ignited outrage after outrage, and each time the response of the jelly-kneed world politicians is to pay more attention to them and work harder to help them with cash and diplomatic initiatives. The bloodthirsty wheel gets the grease.

Indeed. And since when are the Palestinians the only people without their own homeland, as they claim. Heck, there are millions of French-speaking people in Canada that would like their own homeland. Not to mention the Kurds (in several nations), the Tibetans, the Basques (in both Spain and France), the Catalonians (also in Spain and France), the Chechens, and the Sudanese Christians. Don't forget Albanians in Macedonia, Muslims in Kashmir, the Balinese Hindus of Indonesia, and the Berbers of Arab North Africa. Some of these groups deploy violence for their cause, and some of them don't. None are as vicious as the Palestinians.

Mr. Perlmutter continues.
So this journalism professor and historian sits and waits for a brave journalist to ask an obvious, fact-driven question. And I fantasize that perhaps some foolhardy but honest --apparently none exist -- U.N. administrator will announce that "Frankly, there are hundreds of peoples more deserving of a homeland and we should be helping them and ignoring the Palestinians…"

I think I have a long wait ahead of me.

Cross-posted by Michael J. Totten.