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January 15, 2003

Not politically correct? So be it. Hard truths seldom are. Remember that Islam is world-wide and not just in the ME Islamic Countries Marching Backwards.

While the world is striving for and attaining gender equality, Islamic countries are marching backwards.

Recently the Malaysian’s religious leader has passed laws that make it easier for men to practice polygamy.

A women's group, Sister in Islam, argued that Muslims had the right to an opinion and to be engaged in Islamic discourse. And Women's Affairs Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, described the move as an insult to women.

However, the Mufti of Perlis, Datuk Mat Jahaya Husin, warned that groups, which were critical of the move on polygamy, would be in danger of committing a 'wrong' by denying its legality under Islamic law. 'Hence it is best to hold your tongue lest you deny the right to polygamy in Islam,' he was quoted as saying.

This is how Islam operates and how Islamists win every time. Many westerners question why the moderate Muslims are silent and why they allow the fundamentalists win. The answer is that the fundamentalists have the Shaira on their side.

In a futile attempt to stop the regression to Stone Age Malaysia’s women’s group program coordinator Ruzana Udin said that "Freedom of expression is enshrined in Islam." But that is of course not true. Muslims are allowed the freedom of expression only in matters not specified by the Sharia. The polygamy is sanctioned in the Quran and questioning it is tantamount to denying the authority of the Quran; a crime that should not be forgiven and the offender must die.