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January 07, 2003

News Report by Neil MacDonald on CBCTV The National, Monday January 6, 2003

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

I am happy to say that last night I think you almost got it right! With your closing comment when you indicated that "the efforts by the extremists meant to push the Israeli public even further to the right would perpetuate the bloodshed here" you stated exactly what the Arab extremists want. It goes back to their carefully thought out "Plan of Phases" adopted in 1974 at the 12th Session of the Palestinian National Council held in Cairo Egypt, where they envisioned a 3-step approach for the destruction for the State of Israel. As you probably know, after losing 3 wars which they initiated culminating in their terrible losses as a result of the Six Day War, the Arabs realized that they would have to find an alternative method for "liquidating Israel" which had always been their goal*.

One aspect of their "Plan of Phases" is to destroy Israel through world public opinion. By inflicting these horrific attacks in the heart of Israel, she has no alternative but to respond. Israel is caught in a dilemma. If she does nothing she is perceived as weak. If she retaliates with too much bloodshed (which is the goal of the terrorists) she is perceived as being the evil aggressor on the world stage of public opinion. By bombing the "empty metal workshops" Israel at least taking a stand, however "mild a punishment". However, by goading Israel with these attacks and "pushing her further to the right" as you indicate, the Arabs hope to enrage Israel into responding with a massive retaliatory attack in order to have the United Nations enter the fray and impose harsh consequences by reducing Israel into an ineffective indefensible diminished enterprise which will ultimately result in her demise - The Plan of Phases - or Doctrine of Stages if you prefer! THIS IS THEIR GOAL!

However, I take issue with you on a different point! It was "extremely relevant" that Palestinian officials be barred from attending the conference in London England. These officials ARE a major part of "the equation" together with the extremist groups in further developing their strategies in effecting the "Plan of Phases"! They are the brains behind much of the revisionism and they use these 'get-togethers' to further their plans. AS WELL, it was a political achievement to be invited by Tony Blair for ARABS ONLY - NO ISRAELIS ALLOWED! The Palestinians would have been receiving 'a reward' for their intransigence instead of having the ultimate consequence for their actions by not attending. Why should they participate in a major offense and then be allowed to carry on as if nothing happened? When your children act naughty do you still agree to take them out for ice cream?

And one other point! The 'Israeli army veteran' who was venting about destroying and massacring the Arabs after this horrendous attack was reacting in a normal fashion. For you to give him prime exposure merely heightens world opinion against Israel. People now will say "See the Israelis do hate the Arabs - they too want to massacre the Arabs - see there is equal violence and hate on each side"! This was not fair of CBC. There is a big difference between one person at the height of anxiety voicing his feelings and the actual committing of a heinous terrorist attack. There is a big difference between someone voicing anger and hate compared with the 'deliberate teaching of hate as part of a national public indoctrination plan'! You were negating the impact of the attack. You should have stopped at the end of his first sentence! You should have had someone saying, "Look what the Arab terrorists have done - sheer butchery - mangled bodies - look at this mass slaughter of human life - this is deliberate genocide!"

Yes Neil, you are on the right track but you have a long way to go! You are still playing into the Arab hands and spreading their propaganda.

You know Neil, you are paid by Canadians - Canada is against terrorism - the future well-being of your family rests on our Western Society being able to win the war against terrorism - perhaps it's time that you acknowledged that the 'men' who perpetrated and organized this attack are in reality, 'terrorists' and no other word is going to adequately define them. AND you are right, they are not interested in making "any kind of deal with Israel"! It's time for you to start eliminating the subtle unnecessary innuendoes against Israel!

Shirley Anne Haber