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January 17, 2003

Munich all over again with Britain leading the way

By Caroline B. Glick: Fighting Tom Friedman

Ms Glick points out how Tom Friedman is always the point man for the Arabs. A year ago it was on behalf of the phoney Saudi Peace Plan and now on behalf of a phoney ceasefire and New Road Map. Here are some extracts.
Now Friedman is back in the region. Reporting from Cairo on Sunday, he wrote about the ferocity of anti-American sentiment in Egypt. Yet rather than condemn the hatred and call for a re-evaluation of US support for Hosni Mubarak's America-bashing dictatorship, he wrote that Americans must understand that the root cause of this hatred is US support for Israel.

Put another way, if the US doesn't put pressure on Israel in a way that will convince the irrational, hate filled anti-American and anti-Semitic Egyptian "street" that the Bush administration isn't simply a tool of "the Jewish lobby," then the Arabs will continue to hate the US and blow up more of its skyscrapers.

In the international community's embrace of Arafat's regime through its support for a patently fraudulent reform effort, we see an example of a Munich-like decision where Israel plays the role of Czechoslovakia. In the London conference this week we saw the British again leading the West in ignoring everything that is known about a dictator's aggressive behavior and designs and turning a blind eye to the genuine depravity of the society that he leads through indoctrination and terror. And as in 1938, we see a British bid to force a democratic ally to accept concessions that will prevent it from defending itself against that aggression and depravity.

It takes few powers of discernment to realize that this cease-fire plan is a complete lie. Yet the EU has been sponsoring this charade and the State Department has been highly supportive of Egypt's "positive role" in attempting to end Palestinian terrorism. Suleiman was so comfortable in London that he did not even feel it necessary to present the great accomplishments of his mediation efforts to those assembled. Rather he sufficed with a promise that these efforts would continue. For their part, Arafat's lackeys announced on Thursday that the talks would continue in Cairo starting next week.

What is Israel to do when faced with an enemy that uses lying as its principle tool of diplomacy? What is Israel to do when the pivotal Western powers the US and Britain are only too happy to accept the Arab lies in an attempt to appease their hate filled societies? What is Israel to do when super influential columnists advocate fashioning US foreign policy in a manner that rewards insane and groundless hatred by abandoning loyal and rational democratic allies?
What is Israel to do indeed. My advice is to categorically have nothing to do with the "cease fire" or the New Road Map. It is folly to play the game of pretending to see some value in it if only etc. Better to eschew it all together. No one can change the Oslo Agreement but Israel. The New Road Map can not override Oslo. As much as America has often forced Israel to do things it didn't want to do, I can't believe that this administration doesn't see the reality of Arab intentions and terror. Everything America knows about fighting terror they learnt from the Israelis. Everything they know about Arab duplicity they learnt from every Arab governments and Arafat. I say they are with us. I hope.

Ted Belman