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January 15, 2003

Mitzna Wants To Start Off From Where Nebuchadnezzar Stopped
By Steven Plaut

Amram Mitzna's official position is that, if elected, he plans to enter negotiations with the PLO from "exactly the place where they were left off under Ehud Barak".

And where exactly did they leave off? With Barak offering the PLO all of the West Bank and Gaza, all of East Jerusalem including the Western Wall, parts of pre-1967 Israel, a partial acceptance of the Palestinian "right of return" - NOT to the Palestinian state he was agreeing to but to Israel, monetary tribute, etc. etc. etc.

Now let us pause on the clause about Jerusalem. The PLO has already been systematically destroying Jewish articfacts on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the spot where the Jewish Temple of Solomon stood, where the Second Temple was erected, where tradition has it that Isaac was bound and
where Adam's scull was buried. Whatever destruction the PLO is doing on the Temple Mount is a small forewarning of what it would do if it controlled all of East Jerusalem. The fact that Ehud Barak was willing to try to buy "peace" with such destruction earned him the nickname in these quarters of Ehud NeBARAKnetser.

Now along comes Mitzna and as his negotiating "strategy" he proposes adopting Barak's offer of national suicide as Israel's "opening offer" for negotiations with teh PLO, an offer that of course would be "sweetened" by Mitzna once the talks got going. How? I guess by offering West Jerusalem on a platter for PLO destruction as well.