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January 08, 2003

Mean Mr. Mustard cranks out a great rant under the deceptive title Bedtime Post. Here's a taste:
One might say that the Palestinians have perfected this strategy, or perhaps they have merely been lucky enough to seize upon a situation where a golden opportunity to perpetrate a big, blatantly false reversal of truth already existed. The Jews were nearly exterminated as a people by the Nazis. Now there is a concerted effort to exterminate any of them living in the middle east. How do you hide the fact that the Palestinains as a people would be perfectly happy to see every last Jew in Israel torn to bits by nail bombs?

Simple. You call them Nazis. A more pure expression of the blatant lie probably couldn't exist, though one might imagine a darkly comic bizarro world where the Nazis themselves had called the Jews Nazis. But as it stands, the Palestinians (as well as a good portion of the Arab world) are about as close to modern day Nazis as you can get, what with their adoration of "Mein Kampf" (one of the biggest sellers on the Palestinian street), and claims that Hitler didn't do enough in prosecuting his final solution, while, incidentally, they assert out of the other side of their mouth that the Holocaust is a Jewish lie in itself.

Now, even those in the West who would grandiosely label themselves "anti-Zionists," who often are capable of spewing the most vile kind of bilious garbage at the state of Israel and its inhabitants, still would likely chafe at the thought of calling Jews Nazis, at least the first time they heard it. But don't worry, let them hear it a few more times. Give them a chance to let the idea sink in, and let that voice in the back of their minds start to wonder, "Hey, why not?", and voila, you've got activist brats on American college campuses accusing Jews of being the new genocidal brownshirts, even while they and their campus allies are busy painting swastikas and throwing bricks through the windows of the local Hillel.

It's "What a pity Hitler didn't finish them off, and oh, by the way, there was no Holocaust," just in different words.