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January 20, 2003

A list of suggestions for post-election Israel policies. A Declaration of War Proposal

A few of the proposals extracted here:
[...]1) After the next terrorist outrage (and it will come, sadly) A declaration of war by the Knesset against the Palestinian Authority. This is vital. It clarifies the issue and prevents this from appearing as an internal `rebellion'. The PA has self rule and needs to take consequences for its action. A declaration of a state of war also has the advantage of bringing in to play certain emergency laws Israel has and prevents the likes of Uri Averney, Amira Hass, Jeff Halper, etc. from straddling the fence. To the Arabs, who understand nothing about democracy, the statements these individuals make only convince them that Israel's morale is low, that the Arabs are winning, and that Israel will capitulate.

2. Expelling of foreign `peace' activists and nonessential NGO's from Israel, including Gaza and the Yesha, and much more selectivity in who gets visas.