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January 02, 2003

"Liberals" Promote Segregation and Jew-Free Neighborhoods to bring Peace

Israel is the one place "Liberals" Promote Segregation but even worse the actual removal of a minority and what the german nazis called for "Judenrien" (Jewish free) neighborhoods or all-arab areas.

As if the 22 arab countries aren't all already Jew free since 1948 when all Jews in all arab countries were expelled and turned into over 600,000 refugees and did that bring peace?

This innovative call for Jew free neighborhoods to bring peace from terrorists by American liberals is clearly breakthrough thinking that will be recorded in the annals of history as the highpoint in western 'liberal' thinking.

So a 23rd arab non-democratic country within the only democratic country in the region, Israel, without any Jews like the rest of them will bring peace?

I always thought concession to arab terrorists of their blackmail and extortion would bring peace well at least now the great thinkers of the time have validated this insanity as something more than appeasing 35 years of sick murder of civilians all over the world beginning 20 years (hardly a generation) after the holocaust.