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January 08, 2003

Liberalism: the Real Cause of Today's Anti-Semitism
By Lawrence Auster

These inversions of decency and sanity are not the work of anarchists. They are the logical consequence of the central credo of modern liberalism: that all intolerance and discrimination must be eliminated. In a society dedicated to that proposition, the good itself must ultimately be seen as evil, because the good discriminates against evil, while evil must be blessed with victim status, because it is excluded by the good.

While this radical redefinition of morality has profoundly distorted our entire culture, it has taken an especially poisonous and dangerous form with regard to Israel. Admired by much of the world as a heroic underdog prior to its victory in the Six Day War, the Jewish State is now seen, correctly or incorrectly, as the dominant power vis à vis the Palestinians (though it is obviously the weaker power when compared to the entire Arab world). To the modern liberal mind, it follows that the Israelis are the "racist oppressors" who must be condemned at every turn, even when defending themselves from the most savage terrorist bombers in the history of the world, while the Palestinians are "oppressed victims" whose every act, no matter how murderous and depraved, must be rationalized, excused, or outright supported. This is the genesis of the increasingly aggressive anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism on today’s campuses. MORE.