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January 05, 2003

Letter to the editor of The Australian Jewish news

The ongoing murder war.

There is no other term for the tactics of those Arabs calling themselves "Palestinian" than "murder bombing". The deliberate and premeditated murder
of civilians in a heavily populated centre is nothing but. To apply the term "suicide bomber" implies a central wish on the part of the perpetrator to
commit suicide which is simply not the case. Greater than 70% of the Arab population supports these cowardly attacks.

Given that the population has been systematically brainwashing it's children in the culture of death being a "holy" act, it is quite clear that no amount
of negotiation or so-called "peace process" will ever bear fruit unless there is a fundamental change in the psyche of the population as a whole and
the radical Islamic fundamentalists in particular - not only in Israel but in the rest of the world as well. Not a likely prospect any time soon.

Therefore, and most unfortunately and regrettably, the only solution is to deal with the here and now. There is no point rehashing history and how the
situation arrived at this point. In light of the systematic brainwashing, the Arab settlers in Eretz Israel cannot be regarded as "innocent civilians
or bystanders". It is clear that the enormous restraint shown to date by the Israeli government and people cannot continue. This is death by a thousand
cuts inflicted by the foreign policy needs of the United States.

The attack in Tel Aviv on Sunday was by any measure the equal in terms of it's horror of the World Trade centre. After only ONE attack the United
States took down the government of another sovereign state, and is planning similar action against another. Why should the rules be different when a
country has suffered 15000 PLUS attacks of a similar nature?

Unfortunately, the only solution now is total separation on a permanent basis behind logical defensible borders. A satellite photograph of the
Middle East clearly shows where this border should be - the Jordan river. The Arab settlers, having followed the returning Jews to their homeland in
search of prosperity have quite simply done this to themselves - G-D knows, every opportunity has been offered them to achieve their dream. They can
settle back in the countries from whence they or their fathers came.

Dr David Bornstein