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January 23, 2003

Lebanese Foundation for Peace supports Ariel Sharon

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If the Saddam Hussein regime falls, Syria and Iran know they are next on the list of terrorist states and they will take steps to ensure that Hezbollah will "vanish," to protect themselves from the wrath of the United States. Over many years, Syria, an ally of Iran, who is flirting with the United States and is supposedly helping to achieve world and Middle East peace, has been a nation of double standards, destabilizing the US-backed peace process for the Middle East. While pretending it is supporting the war against terrorism, Syria is allowing the headquarters of Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Damascus to torpedo any hope of peace by suicide bombing any peace initiative on the Palestinian and Lebanese tracks. While pretending to support UN Resolution 1441 against Iraq, Syria is transferring chemical and biological weapon from Iraq, hiding them in Syria, and transferring some of them to Hezbollah. MORE