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January 06, 2003

Just in case you're still confused about their real goals...

Just in case you're still confused about the goals of Hamas, Fatah, PFLP, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa, Hezbollah, and every Islamic nation (including Canada) that funds their operations under the guise of charitable works:

ARABIC NEWS: Two Palestinian operations in Tel Aviv result in killing 23 Israelis, wounding 80

Two Palestinians yesterday carried out two operations near a coach station in the downtown of Tel Aviv that resulted in killing 23 Israeli settlers and wounding other 80, seven of them in a critical health condition.

Let's look at that one sentence closely, shall we? We've heard time and time again that Hamas, et al., all want the "occupied" territories freed from Israel. When it comes to their "operations' they consider settlers to be legitimate military targets.

In this article, the Arabic News reports the victims as "settlers." The attack took place in Tel Aviv in the State of Israel proper.

Do the math.

It becomes patently obvious that this cheering piece of Islamic press garbage considers Israel to be nothing more than one gigantic settlement, and they want nothing less than every single Israeli dead and cleared out through "operations" like these. It's not just the terrorist proper who want Israel destroyed, but a lot of the so-called moderate institutions like the Arabic/Islamic media. Anybody who tells you otherwise is just providing cover for their true intentions, either as part of the "operations" or as a useful idiot appeaser.

Print that article and keep it handy. If you find yourself faced with such individuals who act as apologists, pull it out and help them do the math, too.