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January 16, 2003

Just in case you wondered, note the final paragraph of this excerpt Muslim Militants Defiant Despite Cairo Truce Talk

GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian Islamic militants on Thursday vowed no let-up in their fight against Israeli occupation despite reported progress in talks by Palestinian factions in Cairo aimed at a temporary cease-fire.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in remarks reported by Egypt's MENA news agency on Wednesday, spoke of momentum toward a deal on halting militant attacks that have killed scores of Israelis in a Palestinian uprising going on since 2000.

But militant leaders on the ground in the Gaza Strip said there could be no cease-fire until Israel "ended the occupation."

"The withdrawal of the occupation is the condition for stopping the attacks. (We pursue) resistance of all forms and everywhere," Abdallah al-Shami, a senior Islamic Jihad figure, told Reuters.

He declined to clarify whether he meant withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank, territories Israel took in the 1967 Middle East war and sprinkled with Jewish settlements, or Israel too.