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January 21, 2003

Just As I Had Feared

A while back, I blogged an article in the WSJ about the Palestinian national soccer team and joked about what possible names they could use. So, no surprise, here:

Palestinian teams honor ‘martyrs’

The Palestinian Authority has named teams in a soccer tournament after suicide bombers and other “heroes” of the intifada. The tournament, and a team, have been named for Abdel Baset Odeh, the bomber who carried out last year’s “Passover Massacre” in Netanya that killed 30 people, according to the Jerusalem Post. Another team is named for Raed Karmi, a commander of the Al-Aksa Brigade in Tulkarm whom Israel killed last year, accusing him of involvement in numerous terrorist attacks. The other five teams also have been named for terrorists from the West Bank city of Tulkarm, where the tournament is taking place under the auspices of P.A. officials. Odeh’s brother is to hand out the trophy to the victorious team.