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January 08, 2003

The JPost reports that Syria is accusing Israel of violating cease-fire terms while shooting at infiltrators. This cannot be good news.

Add this to a list of recent developments involving Syria (and Hezbollah, and Syria's puppet state Lebanon):

- Lebanon and Israel have been involved in a water dispute over the Wazzani River.

- Hezbollah routinely launches anti-aircraft fire over Israel's border.

- Just recently, it was reported that a Hezbollah missile exploded on its launchpad inside Lebanon.

- Israel itself has violated Lebanese airspace twice in the past week.

The situation is getting tense. Hizbollah has stated that in the event of an Iraq war, they will not attack Israel unless provoked. Now it looks like they could be trying to provoke a provokation. Don't be surprised if Israel retakes southern Lebanon sometime this year.