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January 12, 2003

The Jihad Against Sharon
By Steven Plaut

The hegemony over the Hebrew press in Israel by the Far Left has always been a threat to Israeli democracy. The Left utilizes its near-monopoly over the Hebrew press to promote its extremist and defeatist agenda in a naked manner. The Oslo debacle would never have occurred without Israel´s Far Left exercising near-totalitarian hegemony over the Hebrew press and electronic media. But now, there is a clear and present danger that Israel´s Leftist-controlled Hebrew press may simply "steal" the election away from Ariel Sharon and grant it to Amram Mitzna.

It was, of course, expected that the press would conscript itself as partisan promoters of Mitzna in this election. But the current jihad against Sharon, three weeks before the election, is more than anyone thought possible.

Israel´s Hebrew press has simply declared war on Sharon. It is doing so in the form of endless daily front-page banner headlines about Sharon´s supposed involvement in "corruption". The media campaign is well organized and rather transparent. The great irony is that Sharon, while not exactly bereft of sleaze, is far, far less corrupt than Amram Mitzna and the Israeli Labor Party. Sharon´s campaign finances are manifold cleaner than Mitzna´s and the Labor Party´s. Yet the press is almost entirely mum about Mitzna´s sleaze, and is united in trying to steal the election for Mitzna by focusing on "sleaze" in Sharon´s finances, in lurid meter-high banner headlines. [Read More]