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January 09, 2003

Jaggi Singh: the good, the bad, the ugly

Canadian hoodlum Jaggi Singh has been arrested by Israeli authorities and awaits deportation. That is “the good”.

The “bad” is the fact that this troublemaker will probably return to Canada.

The “ugly” is, of course, the media spin. My hometown paper, the Ottawa Citizen, wasn’t too bad, informing in the first paragraph that:

Canadian writer and political activist Jaggi Singh was in an Israeli prison cell last night after two weeks on the run from police.
Mr. Singh spent his time campaigning against the Israeli army and filing e-mail articles and radio reports in support of the Palestinians. He defied military curfews, confronted soldiers and dismantled road, blocks. But his odyssey came to an abrupt end last evening when he was snatched from a residential street in Jerusalem by three undercover Israeli detectives and driven to the Russian Compound lockup in the centre of town.
But the bleeding hearts who run other Canadian media outlets used the incident to broadcast Palestinian-Arab propaganda. The Canadian Press, whose story ran in the Edmonton Sun and CTV, had this to report:

A Canadian human-rights activist who defied an Israeli court order to stay out of Palestinian territories was arrested by undercover agents yesterday, supporters say...
Chadi Marouf, a spokesman for the group, said Singh was transported to jail and held on unknown charges.

"This is a Canadian citizen in Israel who is being treated unfairly, picked up like a hooligan in the middle of the night," Marouf said in an interview.
I sure hope the Israelis did indeed “pick him up like a hooligan” - and keep him for a while “like a hooligan”.

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