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January 18, 2003

It's the Regime, Stupid!

Angelo Codevilla points the finger at the regimes that support terror and anti-American incitement arguing that we must end the regimes to end the terror and the incitement.
Neither “disarming” Saddam, nor “bringing to justice” any number of swarthy young men will rid Americans of the prospect that someone will bomb or shoot, or poison us for the sake of some Middle Eastern cause. To have peace, we must defeat those causes by doing away with the regimes that embody them - the prominent people who make today’s Middle East what it is.

Every terrorist attack teaches anew that no amount of “security” can prevent shooting missiles at airliners, throwing flaming gasoline bottles into school buses, driving bomb laden cars, spreading germs, or countless other outrages.
and concludes
To be rid of terrorism we must rid ourselves of the regimes whose causes they serve.