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January 20, 2003

Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranian Sea

This guy takes no prisoners and offers no apologies.

Marc Rauch, writing in Front Page Mag , stands his ground.
From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea; from Lebanon to the Sinai Desert; all 11,000 square miles of the land that remained of the intended Jewish homeland should be owned and/or controlled by Jews. The only exceptions would be international embassies and Christian religious sites. There should be no Arab settlements or enclaves, no Arab Gaza or Arab Jerusalem or Arab Bethlehem or Arab Hebron, and no Muslim religious sites.

Now I know that there are some people that will disagree with me. They'll think that the answer is not that straightforward or that it conflicts with Jewish tradition and international law. And there are those that would argue that such an action would be un-democratic, as if the establishment of a Jewish homeland was intended to protect the institution of democracy instead of the Jewish people. But their arguments are wrong. It’s all very doable, democratic, and follows accepted international and religious precedents.

In their rejection of the UN Partition Plan, and by their continuous war against the Jewish State and people, Arabs have forfeited the right to live as a distinct nation anywhere in the region bounded on the east and west by the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, and on the north and south by the Lebanese and Egyptian borders. The only illegal settlements that exist within that boundary are Arab.

Obviously that the Arabs will never live in peace in Israel or with Israel, so it’s time to remove the problem.

A Jewish homeland was desired and needed in order to protect the Jewish people and their religion. The intention was always to provide a safe haven for Jews. A Jewish homeland was not intended or designed to be a tribute to American-style Democracy or to be a replica of America’s great melting pot society.(I'm not so sure its a melting pot anymore.)

Would the removal of anti-Jewish people and sentiment mean that Israel would cease to be a democracy? Well, so what if it did? China is not a democracy, and yet it’s a permanent and respected member of the United Nations; a major trading partner with the United States and other countries. None of the Arab nations are democracies, and yet it hasn't stopped the world from recognizing them and trading with them. These countries have highly restrictive, inhumane, even barbaric societies. Israel would have to go a long, long way before they would sink to the level of Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Syria. And then, if they did, so what? The goal of a Jewish homeland was to provide a sanctuary for its religion and people. The continued objective of Israel should be to protect the Jewish religion and people.

Israel can survive and prosper as a Jewish State and as a Jewish democracy, but it must be free from constant attack by its enemies, both within or from outside its borders, be those borders physical or metaphysical. To do so, Israel must assert and secure its legal boundaries: from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, from Lebanon to the Sinai Desert.
He makes a case for the ends but is silent on the means.

Ted Belman