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January 19, 2003

Is this what passes as sane?

There are days - too many, in fact - when reading the news page on the Web makes me suspect that I am really reading the homepage of an insane asylum.

Take the news items of January 18 as a characteristic example.

The leading news item concerned the wave of pro-Iraq demonstration around the world, many of them tinged with anti-Israel propaganda. Excite news, for example, announced, Marches in World Capitals Oppose Iraq War while the headline in the Jerusalem Post read, Anti-war rallies provide a platform for anti-Israel views. In an insane asylum, one can expect people will rally around a dictator, forget real world problems like the Christians in the Sudan, the Tibetans under the Chinese boot, or the occupation of Lebanon. But even in an asylum you’d expect the inmates to pay attention to the findings of the Blixes of the world, rather than show support for a ruthless dictator. Here is what Herr Blix et al have come up with, as reported today in the Telegraph:
The teams of UN inspectors sent to investigate Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction arsenal made a stunning breakthrough last week when they uncovered evidence of Iraq's attempts to build an atom bomb.
And this in addition to the news report stating that Blix: Iraq impeding inspections - a material breach of the Security Council Resolution - and the missing chemicals, and the warheads that have been discovered. How many smoking guns are necessary to draw an elementarty conclusion? And yet, thousands of people in Western democracies demonstrate in favour of Sadam Hussein! And why has the US failed to mobilize "the best and the brightest" of Madison Avenue to get the message across to the people of the US?

Meantime, British security forces are continuing to round up terrorist suspects. AP reports:
6 arrested at airport and intelligence centre on terrorism charges

LONDON (AP) - British police said Saturday they had arrested six men under anti-terrorism legislation in two separate incidents at Gatwick Airport and at a government intelligence centre.
Again, in an insane asylum, this news would be entirely compatible and consistent with attempts to create yet another terrorist state, but would you expect that in a sane world? And yet, a news report yesterday was very emphatic about Blair’s resolve to proceed with the Quartet roadmap, and with Aratrash as the head of the proposed Palestinian-Arab state.

Talking about this impending calamity, no sooner did the press report that Sharon accepted the roadmap and Bush’ vision of a sovereign Palestinian-Arab state, when this news item comes along via the Jerusalem Post:
Sharon dismisses peace "road map"

In comments that were slated to be published in Newsweek magazine this week, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that a peace plan being worked out by the so-called "Quartet" of nations should not be taken seriously.
Well, maybe so, but he who pays the piper holds a different view, as Ha’Aretz reports in a story entitled U.S. will focus on settlements after war, Wolfowitz says . The body of the report includes these gems:
In his first public comments regarding U.S. policy in the Middle East on the "day after" the anticipated war in Iraq, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said the administration will intensify its focus on the establishment of a Palestinian state.

In an interview in the Washington Post on Friday, Wolfowitz said, "Our stake in pushing for a Palestinian state will grow" after the war, and he noted that he preferred "concrete steps, like dealing with the settlements" over the advancing of diplomatic issues as part of a "process."
And then, to complete the asylum atmosphere, Ha’Aretz adds about Wolfowitz:

He is considered to be the architect behind the current closing in on Iraq, a clear supporter of Israel, and a leading member of the Jewish right in Washington.
Dismantling settlements and Palestinian sovereignty from a “clear supporter of Israel”? Has the world gone utterly mad?

To top the insanity, this “minor item” from the BBC: Secular France mulls mosque subsidies.

Were it not so sad, it would be risible.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.