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January 27, 2003

Interview done by PBS with the leaders of three "militant" groups (aka: terror organizations)

Let's make this plain and simple and straight forward. These terror groups think of themselves as patriotic heroes and not as terrorists, and their aim (see text) is the taking of all of Palestine (Israel). The road to peace? They do not want it. Period.
... If Chairman Arafat were to say now there should be a truce, now there should be a cease fire, and to order everybody on the West Bank to hold a cease fire, would you agree to that, would you agree to stop all your actions if he asked you?

I don't believe that the Brother Yasser Arafat would order a cease-fire after all that has happened to the Palestinian people. Actually, he should not order a cease-fire until the Palestinian people gain their complete rights. We will have no cease-fire and we will not put our gun aside until the liberation of Palestine, with its capital Al Quds Ashshareef [Holy Jerusalem].

Tell me step by step what needs to happen for you, for Islamic Jihad, to then declare peace, to stop military actions?

I am the son of Safooryeh [village in 1948 Palestine]. I am not from the Jenin camp. I want to return to Safooryeh, which is my true homeland, so that I can live in peace. This is what I seek. That every human being returns free and honorable to his homeland to live in safety and peace. This is what I seek. ...

I have cousins in Beirut, in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, in all the countries of the world. It is their right to return to their country and homeland. The son of Haifa has the right to return to his town. ... The person who comes from America or Russia has the right to live in Haifa and Tel Aviv, and the true son of Haifa and Tel Aviv remains homeless and exiled. Is this justice? Where is justice? Would you accept that for yourself? Would Bush accept this? Or anybody in Europe accept that I come and kick him out from his home, and replace him? No. No human being would accept that, but instead would fight me. ... I too have a right to my country. I will fight until I remove the occupation totally from Palestine.