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January 11, 2003

Interesting tidbits from, with comments interspersed

Zeid Baisi flunks bomb test...
Also in Gaza, a 17-year-old Palestinian died from injuries he sustained a day earlier in an explosion at his home, hospital officials said. Zeid Baisi was a member of the militant Islamic Jihad group, and sources in the camp said he was putting together explosives when he was injured.
"Was it white wire to red, black to green? Or the other way around?... Ooops."
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:50|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Toe tag for Nablus firebomber...
In a violent incident Saturday, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinians throwing stones and firebombs at their armored vehicles in the Askar refugee camp next to the city of Nablus. Basman Shanir, 20, was killed and nine other people were wounded, witnesses said. The army said Shanir threw a firebomb at troops. Soldiers have permission to fire at Palestinians throwing firebombs, considered lethal weapons by the Israeli military.
And by most other people with a lick of sense...
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:48|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Toss a Molotov Coctail; get shot. Good idea. When American governments (read: the State Department) were pressuring British restraint in Northern Ireland, the I.R.A. took that as a license to toss fire-bombs with impunity. It got to be a sick joke. GO IDF!
Posted by: Anonymous 1/11/2003 4:02:12 PM

Netzarim visitor leaves feet first...
At least one Palestinian entered a house in the settlement of Netzarim, and was shot at by the resident inside, said a spokesman for Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported, and two knife-wielding Palestinian infiltrators were captured by security forces, the military officials said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.
Great minds of the 21st Century, at work! He brought a knife to a gunfight...
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:47|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Palestinian youth shot dead in Bethlehem
Middle East Online
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli gunfire Friday in the Aida refugee camp of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, as he was throwing stones at soldiers, Palestinian medical sources said. Tareq Abu Jaber was hit in the abdomen, the sources said, adding that two other youngsters had been lightly wounded in the same incident.
My sympathy meter's still busted. If he'd been in school, learning something, then he wouldn't have been out playing at jihad, where he could stop a bullet. Those nails are very tough, ain't they?
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:01|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||

Something that the news media never mention when discussing "stone-throwers" is that these kids are throwing bricks. Scroll down through this article (sorry, it was a really long fisking of Reuters)for a photo of the kids throwing those "rocks."
Posted by: Meryl Yourish [] 1/11/2003 3:25:36 PM

The problem with the Palestinian economy is that these young thugs used to be rented out as mercenary slingers two millenia ago. Now they are stupid enough to do the rock throwing for free, with IDF infantry as targets no less.
Posted by: Tom Roberts 1/11/2003 3:36:05 PM

PFLP thugs nabbed in Ramallah...
In Ramallah, Israel's army arrested two officials of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an Israeli military source said. The army had been looking for Hassan Fatafta, 42, for several months, the source said. He was arrested along with fellow PFLP member Ishaq Amin Khader Younes, 56, who formed part of the PFLP leadership based in Damascus, the military source said.
Oooh! That's a nice catch!
Their arrests - not immediately confirmed by Palestinian security sources - came as Israeli security forces dismantled a PFLP cell charged with directing the group's operations in Jerusalem, he added. The army also nabbed 17-year-old Hussein Hanani in Ramallah, although it did not give a date for his arrest. The source said Hanani was a would-be suicide bomber plotting to attack a Jerusalem bus station for the PFLP.
Hussein's almost an afterthought, a bit of cannon fodder that won't get the opportunity to explode...
Posted by Fred Pruitt 1/11/2003 13:00|| E-Mail|| Comment|| Link|| Top||