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January 01, 2003

In support of Israel

Israel is always being accused of acting contrary to international law with respects to the settlements, the occupation and the right of return.

As I understand the law,

a) the occupation is legal having been authorized by Sec Council Res 242
b) the settlements are legal, there being no law against building settlements on disputed territory and there being no commitment by Israel not to do so.
c) there is no legally recognized right of return, there being only a Resolution of the General Assembly that the refugees should be allowed to return. This is a recommendation not a right.

Israel is doing a bad job of making this clear. I know what the problem is. The international community both governments and media, knowingly promote the notion of illegality in order to stigmatize Israel and its actions. There are those who make the allegations of illegality knowing it to be false and those who really believe it to be so. I am sure this is not news to you.

Whoever speaks for Israel should always make the case for legality before discussing any of these issues. They should always challenge an interviewer, reporter or panellist as soon as either in any way makes any mention of illegality. Their current efforts are woefully inadequate in this regard. A spokesperson for the Palestinians never says 'settlement" or "occupation" with out using the adjective "illegal" in conjunction with such words.

Our spokespersons might take another lead from the Palestinian notebook, namely, always characterize Israeli actions with respect to fighting terror as being legal even if the law is moot. They should be categorical on the matter of legality.