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January 02, 2003

In Our Name

Pledge of Support

We believe that as citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to resist those who wish to destroy our country.

In our name, wage war against those who would destroy us. There will be no more deaths of Americans in senseless acts of terrorism against innocent people.

In our name, invade countries who harbor terrorists. Countries where freedom is at the whim of a murderous tyrant. Countries that would smite us from the face of the earth given the opportunity to do so.

In our names, defend the freedoms which allow the protestor to protest your actions. Defend these freedoms forcefully; the only appropriate way to defend freedom against those who would take it from us.

By our hands we will supply aid to any country wishing to free itself from the chains of a tyrannical government. That aid may come in the form of money, arms, or food.

By our actions, we will not allow fear of reprisal to persuade us away from doing what is right.

By our hearts, we will not allow moral relativism to preclude identifying those who are evil as such.

By our will, and in our name.

We pledge support.

We pledge allegiance with those whose tyrannical governments repress them.

We pledge alliance with those living in countries overrun by warlords and terrorists.

We pledge support for women who are treated as property and not as people.

We pledge to defend freedom in whatever way it is so manifested throughout all the nations of the world.

A world of peace and freedom is possible.

And it is not achieved by standing idly by and hoping for it.

We encourage the protection of peace

The fostering of freedom

and the return of dignity to the oppressed

In Our Name.