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January 31, 2003

If anyone is wondering what the war against Iraq is all about

Its about transforming the M.E.

Jeff Jacoby in an article entitled Killing the Terror Regimes makes it clear,
It will not end with Iraq. The toppling of Saddam Hussein will make the Middle East a better place, free a nation that has suffered unspeakable cruelty, and shame the illiberal "peace movement", which even now counsels appeasement and willful blindness in the face of evil. Iraq should have been liberated during the first Gulf War; it cannot happen soon enough.

This is about more than Iraq. We are in a war against terrorism – more accurately, against radical Islamist terrorists and their state sponsors. Saddam´s regime is one of those sponsors and its downfall will mark an important milestone on the road to victory. But there are other sponsors, and they too must be replaced.
and he finishes by saying,
Our mission now is to kill the Islamist cause. We can do so only by killing the tyrannies that sustain it – by demonstrating that Islamism leads not to triumph but to defeat, not to power but to degradation. Crush the Islamists´ dream, and we crush the terrorism it feeds. We made a good start in Kabul and Kandahar. Next stop: Baghdad.MORE