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January 06, 2003

Idiotarian Antidote

I've become accustomed to bitterly alchemizing the ongoing atrocities in Israel into lessons for Idiotarians. It is just occuring to me that the recent large-scale bombing in Israel, which took place in a specifically non-Jewish immigrant neighborhood, cannot be assumed to have accidentally targeted its gentile payload. There is no reason to think that any of the established Islamofascist groups, in this case the al-Aqsa Brigades, would casually depart this glaringly from its normally scheduled modus operandi.

You can be sure that 95% of the western media will gloss over the meaning of this tremendously important fact. This is partly due to the red herring that persists among liberal media outfits, which at this stage has assumed Hitchcockian proportions: that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is actually about the occupied territories. If the New York Times, and the hordes of wingless drones who sup at it, could momentarily disabuse themselves of this assumption, they might read the latest terror act in the way it was intended. It is a clear statement that not only Jews, but any infidel interlopers in Palestine, are lethally unwelcome.

And so, the next time an Idiotarian approaches you, his nose soiled from rooting for root causes, and suggests that dismantling the settlements will put an end to Palestinian terrorism, introduce him to Anthony Tinubu, an illegal Nigerian immigrant who survived the blast and rendered this analysis of the situation, worthy of Robert Fisk:

"Look at that man, he is from China or somewhere. We are not Jews. I love Israel but I do not want to die because of what the Jews are doing to the Arabs. That is nothing to do with us."
They can then debate policy until the next bomb-laden donkey waddles by.

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