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January 17, 2003

How could the Israelis possibly turn down an offer like this?

This from the meeting in Cairo.

-Calls for an independent Palestinian with its capital in Jerusalem.

-Stipulates that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) should work to stop attacks from the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip and the reoccupied West Bank against any Israeli targets, that Israel pledges not to pursue Palestinian activists and that the attacks inside the 1967 Green Line border cease.

-Declares tit-for-tat violence must stop “as a first step toward resuming the stalled negotiations.”

-Calls on Israel to refrain from measures that undermine the PNA ability to guarantee security in the Palestinian areas.

-Calls on Israel to release jailed Palestinian leaders as “a basic step to prove good will and promote trust between the two parties.”

-Calls on Israel to stop military incursions into the West Bank and Gaza.

So without negotiation Israel must give up Jerusalem. That the PA merely promise to try to crack down on the terrorists (a promise that was part of the '93 Accords and was immediately broken). Tit for tat violence must stop. Therefore the terrorists get to attack and never expect any sort of hunt or retaliation. That good will must be proven by releasing convicted terrorists. There is not a single concession the PA must make. Not even the recognition of Israel (something the PA has not done, refuses to do and whose charter still calls for the destruction of the "Zionist Entity"). Hey, at least there was no condition that the Israelis must throw themselves into the sea.