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January 09, 2003

Here we go . . .

With the war on Iraq imminent, you knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the other Arab nations began firing on Israel to distract the world from Iraq and return it to the usual "the Palestinian problem must be solved before we do anything else" line. The Palestinians were the most obvious users of this tactic.

It now seems that Syria has begun.

TEL AVIV — Syrian troops fired on an Israeli military unit in the Golan Heights in the first such incident in years.

Israeli officials said Syrian soldiers opened fire on an Israeli commando force during a clash with infiltrators in the southern Golan Heights on Wednesday. The officials said Syrian soldiers entered Israel and encountered an Israeli unit in a border area where Israel, Jordan and Syria meet, Middle East Newsline reported.

The best tactic is for Israel to raze Syria to the ground. Notice the kind of respect that the Arab nations get from the West. Everyone thinks that they're insane, so they get the left's backing. Israel should do the same thing. If one Jew is killed by the Syrians, use the Air Force and hit Damascus. All the Arabs hit Israel because they know Israel won't fire back. For a better, more articulate, and certainly more fiery discussion of this tactic, read Amos Oz's In the Land of Israel. While Oz was a ridiculously left-wing Israeli, there's an interview in there with a settler. Incredible stuff, way ahead of its time.

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