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January 21, 2003

The Greeks

They compare Sharon to Hitler: The Greek press is rife with anti-Semitism, but Athens is silent

See this article from last spring's National Intereston Greek anti-Americanism, too:

America The Despised

In the book Balkan Ghosts, Robert Kaplan describes Greek anti-Jewish and anti-American feelings, pointing to the Socialist PASOK party of Andreas Papandreau in the 1980s as whipping up such hatred. Papandreau was a leftist professor whose life had been saved by LBJ's intercession following a military coup in Greece in the late 1960s. Papandreau fled to the US, teaching at Berkeley (of course) until he returned to the newly democratic Greece in the 1970s to build a career on hating America, capitalism, and Israel. Athens served as a safe location for Palestinian terrorists traveling to and from Europe througout the 1980s, and it's where the the PLO opened its first "embassy." When the US bombed Serbia to save the Kosovo Muslims in 1999, Greeks took the side of the Serbs and called Clinton a war criminal.