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January 05, 2003

Governments in glass houses should not throw stones

On January 4, 2002, Reuters carried the following news story under the heading, Israeli Bulldozers Raze Buildings in Southern Gaza:
GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli bulldozers destroyed at least two buildings in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, despite U.S. concerns that a recent spate of house demolitions could fuel the conflict with the Palestinians...
The United States, Israel's guardian ally, on Friday joined a chorus of international criticism at Israel's policy of home demolitions which have been denounced as "collective punishment" by Palestinians and human rights groups...
"We recognize Israel's need to take legitimate anti-terrorist action," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Friday.
"However, steps such as displacement of people through the demolition of homes and property exacerbate the humanitarian situation, and undermine trust and confidence."
In view of this heart-wrenching burst of sympathy for the victims of “demolition of homes and property”, it would only be appropriate to remind Uncle Sam of one of many chapters in his own history.

Flash back to March-June, 1999. Here, without commentary, are some quotations of what transpired in that period, courtesy of Uncle Sam, John Bull and 17 others; all the quotations are from the Telegraph and they are given in chronological order:
Tuesday 13 April 1999
At least 10 people were killed and 16 others injured when the missile hit a train in south-eastern Serbia, Yugoslav officials said. Nato admitted that there was a train "on or near the bridge" at the time of an air strike.

Friday 16 April 1999
NATO admitted yesterday that its aircraft caused civilian deaths by bombing at least one refugee column in Kosovo, and said it was urgently investigating reports of an attack on a second column.
Yugoslav news agencies claimed that up to 64 people were killed and scores injured in the incident...

Saturday 24 April 1999
TONY BLAIR yesterday staunchly defended Nato's attack on a Serb state-run television station, calling it "entirely justified".
The strike, in the early hours of Friday, was followed later in the day by a cruise missile attack on power transformers in Belgrade, knocking out electricity to some homes
Serb television was still broadcasting last night as Nato planners weighed another strike against the country's broadcasting system in the knowledge that more civilian casualties would be almost inevitable.
By yesterday evening 10 bodies had been found in the wreckage of the devastated television headquarters in the heart of Belgrade. Among the dead was a so-far unidentified television technician found trapped but still alive under a giant concrete beam. Doctors were forced to amputate both legs to free him but he later died in hospital.

Tuesday 27 April 1999
NATO forces have destroyed the last remaining bridge over the Danube in Yugoslavia's second city, effectively isolating it and its massive oil storage depot from the rest of the country.

Thursday 29 April 1999
THE tiny Yugoslav republic of Montenegro came under an intense bombardment yesterday in the first attack on Serbia's junior partner for 10 days.
Explosions were clearly heard in Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital, as two waves of attacks were launched on the city's suburbs and an area near the Golubovci airfield, five miles from the centre.

Saturday 8 May 1999
A NATO cluster bomb attack on an outdoor market and hospital complex in the southern Serbian city of Nis killed at least 15 civilians and injured 70 others, Yugoslav officials said yesterday.
Western journalists operating under Yugoslav restrictions reported scenes of devastation. Cars were destroyed, walls pockmarked with shrapnel, and windows and roofs smashed.

Saturday 15 May 1999
DOZENS of bodies lay scattered in fields around the Kosovan village of Korisa yesterday after what appeared to be the bloodiest blunder of Nato's seven-week air campaign against Yugoslavia.

Friday 21 May 1999

Bomb hits hospital and envoys' homes

NATO refused to confirm yesterday that one of its bombs had hit a hospital in Belgrade killing three people as well as damaging the nearby Swedish, Spanish and Norwegian ambassadors' residencies...

Reporters who visited the remains of the Dr Dragisa Misovic hospital in Belgrade's wealthy Dedinje area said the neurological ward had been worst hit and the gynaecological and maternity sections nearby were also damaged. The Yugoslav claims of three dead and the two injured mothers could not be confirmed but Leposava Milicevic, the Serbian Health Minister, told a news conference that the body of a hospital guard was one of the dead and she predicted more bodies would be dug out of the debris.

Sunday 23 May 1999
NATO yesterday admitted hitting a Kosovo Liberation Army base in one of the worst blunders of the two-month bombing campaign. Even more embarrassingly, the rebels claimed to have been providing regular intelligence to Nato from the base.

Monday 7 June 1999
THE Yugoslav economy has been smashed by Nato bombardment to the kind of primitive conditions that existed at the end of the Second World War, according to official figures released in Belgrade.
At the latest count, Nato aircraft had destroyed at least 50 bridges, six trunk roads, and five civilian airports. Belgrade says 20 hospitals, 30 health centres, 190 educational institutions, and 12 railway lines have been badly damaged.
And here is another one that the Telegraph must have missed, but the Washington Post did not:
May 27, 1999, Thursday

Wag this . . .
NATO bombs destroy a Chinese embassy, knock out windows at 11 ambassadorial homes, hit a hospital, killing four and injuring two women in labor, and blow 87 Kosovar refugees to smithereens as they wend their way toward Albania . . .
On May 6, 1999, in the middle of the bombing campaign, Prof Mandel of Toronto filed a complaint against NATO on behalf of himself and 16 prominent jurists. His complaint specified the results of NATO’s war against Serbia up to that point, from which the following passages have been extracted:
...AND WHEREAS NATO has carried out between 5,000 and 10,000 bombing missions over the territories of the former Yugoslavia since March 24, 1999;
AND WHEREAS instances of this nature include the 12 April bombing of a train travelling from Belgrade to Ristovac as it crossed the bridge spanning the Yuzhna Morava river at the Grdelica gorge, killing at least 10 passengers and wounding 16; the 15 April bombing of a refugee convoy in four separate locations along a 12 mile stretch of the road that runs from Prizren to Djakovica, killing approximately 74 people; the 23 April bombing of Serbian Television editorial offices, killing approximately 15 people; the 27 April bombing of a residential district in Surdulica, killing 16 people including 12 children; and the May 1 bombing of a bus on the Luzan bridge in Kosovo killing at least 34 people including 15 children; ...

AND WHEREAS there is ample evidence in the public statements of NATO leaders that these attacks on civilian targets are part of a deliberate attempt to terrorize the population to turn it against its leadership; ...

AND WHEREAS the NATO bombings have also made use of weapons banned by international convention, including cruise missiles utilizing depleted uranium highly toxic to human beings; ...

Respectfully submitted, this 6th day of May, 1999
Tune in for an account of Uncle Sam in Panama, 1989, next time the State Department attacks Israel's efforts to defend herself.

Based on previous experience, I know in advance what the State Department will respond when confronted with this record, together with the suggestion that perhaps it should be the last to attack Israel. The answer will be, “Oh, that’s an entirely a different situation”. You bet it is! Israel is constantly attacked by Palestinian-Arab terrorists, but NATO was not threatened by Serbia for even one micro-second. Israel is fighting for its life, NATO had no such concern. Israel has been under attack since its inception, NATO has never come under attack, and definitely not by Serbia. You bet, “that’s an entirely a different situation”.

The point I’d like to stress is that those of us who are still under the illusion that the US government is Israel’s friend should better think again. The only friends Israel seems to have are average citizens like the readers of IsraPundit/Dawson Speaks.

Finally, since the State Department consists no doubt of God-fearing people, let me end with a quotation that should be very familiar to that congregation of piety:
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
Doesn’t this passage read as if the writer had the State Department in mind?

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.