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January 04, 2003

Five news articles - Israel News Roundup


A leading Israeli human rights group, B' Tselem, called for the immediate release of Palestinian detainees who were being held even though they were not charged with specific offences.

Polls showed support continuing to slip away from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud Party ahead of Jan. 28 elections, and police said Friday that charges were being considered against several Likud activists in a widening corruption scandal.

Israeli forces were on the move Thursday in the Gaza Strip, Three teen-age Palestinian boys were laid to rest after an attempted attack on settlements, and an Israeli couple awoke to find a terrorist in their Northern Israel home.

In the case brought by eight reserve soldiers, the high court avoided making a landmark ruling on the legality of Israel's 35-year occupation of the territories.

Arafat welcomes cease-fire, but...