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January 02, 2003

Five articles on Israeli minister fired in vote-buying scandal

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fired his deputy infrastructure minister Tuesday in a move aimed at quieting a vote - buying scandal that has rocked his Likud party. The panel, which is dominated by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's right - wing allies, ruled early Wednesday to ban Azmi Bishara and his Balad party from the election. JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fired a deputy Cabinet minister yesterday as a mushrooming vote - buying scandal threatened his expected landslide re - election this month. The issue came to a head Sunday when Blumenthal, the highest - ranking Likud leader to be investigated, was questioned about her campaign by police, and she invoked her legal right to remain silent. The possibility of an election boycott by Israel's Arab minority grew stronger Wednesday after a parliamentary committee banned an Arab party and its leader from running in the Jan. 28 vote.