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January 08, 2003

Fight or Flight

Has the retreat begun

Pat Buchanan in his article,"The coming Retreat of the US from Aisia" is in favour of the US pulling its troops out of S. Korea. No surprise there.

His arguments boil down to this. N. Korea is too hard a nut to crack what with its million man army, missiles and atomic weapons all within striking distance of Japan and S. Korea who have no defences or deterrents of their own thanks to America. S. Korea which has twice the population of N. Korea is presently in an anti American phase and are inclined to work with N. Korea rather than against them. China or Russia, although they don't want N. Korea to be able to threaten them, certainly don't want to rile them. Accordingly we see the US now wants to talk with at least one member of the axis of evil. Once again, America stands alone. Buchanan says bring our boys home and let our allies go nuclear or whatever.

The first lesson to be learned is that if we let our enemies get too strong then our options are limited. This is the main reason we have to neuter Iraq before it reaches that point. For that matter, the whole Middle East before it becomes too much for us to handle. That is, unless we want to pack our bags in the M.E. too.

Ted Belman