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January 29, 2003

eyes of the world/Jonah Goldberg Tag Team

The following series of posts appeared in NRO's The Corner yesterday (is it considered a blog?).

I get email from military personnel every day. I also get email from people calling me a treacherous stooge for ZOG every day. Until today, there was never any overlap between the two groups of correspondents. He identifies himself as a Captain in the Marine and I take him at his word (I don't post anyone's name without permission). Anyway, I think he's making a fool out of himself to say the least. Still, it's disappointing considering how much I admire the military and particularly the Marines.

Dear J. Goldberg,
Relative to so-called American patriots like yourself, France is staking out a policy vis a vis Iraq, that it could be persuasively argued - is one as Pro-American, as you claim it's self-serving for France.
The Star of David, not The Stars and Stripes is the only flag you'll salute and mean it.
I'm just one of many NCO's and Commissioned Officers en route to Kuwait, who think that an attack on Iraq only boosts one country's interests - Our "good friend" Israel.
And, guess what, slick - fighting and maybe dying for a foreign country doesn't sit well with a lot of us. Until you and all your other gungho Jewish buds are ready to suit up, and fight hard, keep your damn mouth shut.
Israel's your country. You've got no right to an opinion, as an American. That's just a blessing of birth.

MARINE IV [Jonah Goldberg] -
I do like this guy's (eyes of the world) "same war" argument but I want it to be known that I take absolutely no position on Marine-IDF match-ups. While I think friendly rivalry between allies is a good thing, I do not want to get into the middle of this argument:

[the Marine crank writes:]"Until you and all your other gungho Jewish buds are ready to suit up, and fight hard, keep your damn mouth shut."

I served in the IDF (very recently) and we all felt like we were fighting America's war. 9/11 just reinforced this fact. If this guy doesn't want to fight my war, then I want two years of my life back where my duties included guarding a working Coca-Cola factory in an abandonded (due to constant firefights) industrial zone outside of Ramallah and dispersing "protesters" who while they were burning American flags were shooting very real bullets at me and my Jewish friends.
Excuse me, just who is fighting whose war?
Is this guy also questioning how hard we fight? It is a fact that in joint exercises conducted in Israel a rag-tag bunch of 19 year old Israeli NCOs consistently embarrass the Marines who come to train in head-to-head exercises. It is also a fact that we are fighting in and around our own borders agianst near impossible odds and have fought off every attack in our history - attacks aimed at erasing our existence from the planet.
What kind of wacko is this Marine who doesn't realize that the sides of this war have been drawn. Not by America, not by the Jews, not by Israel, but by people who burn flags, crash airplanes into buildings, use civilian casualties for media sympathy and who if they had their way would ban the Super Bowl, Nude Beaches, Rock'n' Roll and Beer (Belgian or otherwise) in one fell swoop.

FAIR POINT [Jonah Goldberg]
From another military reader (NRO has lots of 'em):
Jonah, Personally, I wouldn't have posted "Marine IV" for all the world to see. The ONLY thing most people (especially Marines) are going to remember from it is the IDF vs. Marines stuff, and there's just no need to stir that pot, especially at this time. Also, I really resent how this IDF guy seems to believe that the bozo Marine speaks for all U.S. servicemen when he obviously does not.

IDF GUY RESPONDS [Jonah Goldberg]
(me again)
"Also, I really resent how this IDF guy seems to believe that the bozo Marine speaks for all U.S. servicemen when he obviously does not."

I certainly do not think that this wacko represents all US Servicemen. However, I was certainly very dissapointed to read that ANY US serviceman holds this view. As someone who was risking my life on the front-lines of freedom long before 9/11 woke you guys up, it was indeed a personal affront (not just to Jonah).

In fact, every Marine I've met was not only a great guy, but an A-1 proffessional soldier.
I do apologize for the point about the joint-exercises (to be honest I thought you wouldn't post that part), I agree that this is not the time to drudge up these issues ... I guess I was reacting to what was again, a very personal affront. Jonah rightly noted it is nothing more than a freindly rivalry between two very serious and friendly allies who take great pride in what they do.

The point I intended to make was the one about fighting for common interests and defending the same values of liberty, freedom and democracy.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all those straight-thinking US servicemen who have bravely and courageously fought on the side of freedom and remind everyone that America indeed has a friend to be proud of in Israel.

Admittedly maybe a little too much truth to handle, but all in all, I think that went well.