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January 26, 2003

EU funds for PA terror - Chris Patten's position is more than questionable

A) Chris Patten should be investigated since he is not willing to follow logical leads of corruption, proven in PA's own documents, that Israel has in it's possession through IDF captured documents, and confirmed and authenticated by US and German Government Authorities

EU Court of Auditors declined last November to approve the EU's budget for the eighth year running, admitting it can only guarantee that 5 percent of taxpayers' money is being spent properly.

B) Possible money trail in connection with: Chris Patten (Arab oil moneys - and or business connections that are of questionable link)

C) Chris Patten's peculiar conduct, resolving in serious doubts about his personality, causes of intentional obstruction to factual investigations of utmost importance, giving the conclusion, that:
Chris Patten has personal interests in either the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jews, or in voluntary gains for his own personality, or both.

D) Chris Patten has established a doubtful and not trustworthy pattern in his performance of duties concerning public interests, and has therefore no credibility left in his official position, and should be therefore released of his duties with immediate effect.