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January 15, 2003

A day or night like every other one, summary of overnight arrests in the West Bank

Yesterday Jan. 14, 2003, a special IDF unit arrested a Fatah-Tanzim terrorist in Jenin. Palestinian gunmen opened fire on IDF soldiers from several positions, lightly injuring one soldier. The forces returned fire to the source of the shooting once it had been identified.

The terrorist was arrested at dawn during IDF searches on the roof of his house. Three of his accomplices were also arrsted. The four men have been transferred to the Israel Security Agency for questioning.

Another special IDF unit arrested eight wanted terrorists and a further two terrorists from Hamas in Bethlehem. In the town of Kabatya, south of Jenin, two Tanzim terrorists were arrested.

In searches conducted in the house of one of the terrorists, two Kalashnikov rifles, two grenades, ammunition clips, ammunition, and IDF uniforms were found.

During the operation, Palestinian gunmen opened fire on the soldiers. The soldiers returned fire to the source of the shooting. There were no injuries to IDF soldiers.

In Ramallah, six wanted terrorists were arrested. Near Tulkarem, a wanted terrorist was arrested with a Kalshnikov rifle and ammunition in his possesion. In Awarta, near Nablus, 11 wanted terrorists were arrested.

In all, 29 wanted terrorists were arrested in the West Bank. They were all all transferred to the Israel Security Agency for questioning.

Six explosive charges activated against IDF forces in Tulkarem

A Palestinian terrorist activated six explosive charges at an IDF unit near the Tulkarem refugee camp. Soldiers returned fire killing one terrorist.

A Palestinian terrorist threw a grenade at an IDF outpost on the Israeli-Egyptian border, near Rafah. No injury or damage was reported.