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January 15, 2003

Court Hands Terrorists Major Victory

Those who hate Jews, and those who seek to destroy the State of Israel, won a tremendous victory the other day when Israel's Supreme Court ruled that Arabs who openly side with Arafat and Hezbollah may sit in the Israeli Knesset, while Jews who openly side with God and the Covenant may not.

Arab MKs Bishara and Tibi, who publicly support the terrorist war against Israel, were given permission to run in the upcoming elections. Moshe Feiglin, who publicly supports the Covenant, including the part about God giving the Land of Israel to the Jews, was denied permission.

Feiglin was disqualified because several years ago he was convicted of leading protests against the Oslo agreement. The court judged his protests to be a crime of "moral turpitude," requiring a seven year period before he can seek political office. If Feiglin's actions constitute moral turpitude, how much greater is the turpitude of those who seek to surrender the Land of Israel, including its holiest places, into the hands of the Jews' mortal enemies, when there is no military necessity to do so?