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January 06, 2003

"Children" being killed by Israel?

More and more the international media have been reporting on "boys" that are killed by the IDF, leading viewers to believe that Israeli soldiers are targeting children.

Nothing can be further from the truth. What is happening, is that Palestinian terrorist organizations are recruiting children from 8-15 to become suicide bombers and terrorists. Below are articles from the IDF spokesman and from Palestinian sources that reveal this to be the situation.

Where is/are U.N. organizations for the rights of children? Why aren't they taking these children from their parents and protecting them from death and exploitation?

Naomi Ragen

Criticism against sending Palestinian children to carry out terrorist attacks
IDF Spokesperson 6 January 2003

Three Palestinian children attempted to infiltrate the Israeli community Eli Sinai in the northern Gaza Strip, 1 Jan. 2003, in order to carry out a terrorist attack with knifes they had in their possession.

The three children, 14-year old Muhammad Dawas, 15-year old Tarek Dawas and 13-year old Jihad Abed, were identified by an IDF force which fired towards them and killed the three while preventing an additional terrorist attack against Israeli civilians.

This is not the first case in which terrorist organizations have dispatched Palestinian children to carry out terrorist attacks.

24 April 2002 - Three Palestinian children (Issmayeil Abu Nadi, Anwar Hamdona and Yusuf Zakut) were armed with knives and pipe bombs, when they attempted to infiltrate the Israeli community of Netzarim, located in the central Gaza Strip. An IDF force positioned in the community identified the attempted attack, and shot and killed the erpetrators.

30 December 2001 - Three children (Ahmed Banat, Muhammad Madhun, and Muhammad Labad) attempted to infiltrate the Israeli community of Dugit, in the northern Gaza Strip, in order to kill Israelis by stabbing them with their knives. An IDF force prevented the terrorist attack when they shot and killed them.

The phenomenon of Palestinian children being sent to carry out terrorist attacks has stirred a debate amongst Palestinians.

"The Fatah movement officially released an announcement on 2 Jan. 2003, against Palestinian terrorist organizations sending children to carry out terrorist attacks. In the announcement, the Fatah movement accuses, "the disrespect and the game with the fate [of the children], and the ease in which their blood [of the children] is used for the narrow party interests."

"Dr. Suna Abu Daka, head of the Psychology Department of the Islamic University in Gaza, stated in an interview with a journalist on 3 Jan. 2003, that, 'The [Palestinian] family must educate its children about the significance of suicide attacks, its importance, its significance and to explain to them when they are ready to be capable to carry out terrorist attacks. Moreover, it's the responsibility [of the Palestinian families] to protect their children until strong and they can have the capability to make decisions on their own [regarding perpetrating terrorist attacks].' She stressed that terrorist organizations play an important role in the subject."

It is important to note, that the deputy of Yassir Arafat in the PLO, Muhmud Abbas (Abu Mazen), claimed in an interview with the Jordanian newspaper A-Rai on 20 June 2002, that Palestinian terrorist organizations give children five Israeli Shekels (NIS) in order to hurl explosive devices towards IDF soldiers. As a result, 40 Palestinian hildren have become amputees.

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