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January 19, 2003

CBC Sunday Newsflash ***** Coverage biased in favour of...Israel
So instead of Spector and Burman, I get Ashrawi and Gissin -now there's some fresh debate! Gissin actually made a good point - that while he finds many positive things about the Palestinians, the Palestinians will never find something positive about Israelis - in effect the Palestinians are demanding recognition of their own (somteimes perverse) humanity from the people whose very humanity they deny at every opportunity.

Of course, another missed oportunity to define terror, when Ashrawi accuses Israel of "inventing terror" and cites the acts against the Kind David Hotel (British Military headquarters -with warning no less) and UN representative Count Bernadotte. This is exactly the point -these were distinct military targets, not people out shopping. Oh well, maybe they'll let me explain it one day.

They also managed to put the onus on Spector for not agreeing to the 4 on 1 debate in the intro - complete with email correspondences. I'd like to think that this was due to their release on Israpundit!

Further, after hearing them blabber, CBC shows statistics from surveys showing that there is in fact media bias in CBC's Mid-East coverage, but it is PRO-Israel!!! Even Neil MacDonald wouldn't make such a claim (but I guess the Lebanese Ambassador had it right on the money!). Am I supposed to make a serious comment about how these polls merely show the pervasiveness of anti-Israel successes in convincing the world/Canadians that up, is in effect, down? Instead, I'll just repost my comment from yesterday. I am SO out of this loony bin - I only wish I could take the Maple Leafs with me (Big OT win last night!).

"...that good men had to do nothing for evil to triumph."

Nothing could describe Canada's current situation any better. Canada, through its good-natured faith in humanity, has allowed its good-will to be hijacked by those who have none.

Aversion to, and rejection of, the realities of counter-terror, while accepting of intolerance and racism. This apparently is the new backbone of Canadian foreign policy. Nowhere is this evidenced more strikingly than at the CBC -the official (and funded) mouthpiece of the Nation.

Unfortunately for those living in Canada, not only is this phenomenon currently taking place, but it has already occured to an extent where there is little hope of a once great and forward-thinking nation ever regaining its moral compass and direction. Thank you Joseph and Norman for allowing a glimpse into the hypocrisy of a nation floating aimlessly in the shark-infested sea of foreign affairs with nobody at the helm.

Nothing illustrates the absolute necessity for a strong and secure Israel more than this exchange from what many believe to be the very heart of the free world.
The fact is that while Canada may be free for some, Israel may be having some new, talented, and very welcome, immigrants in the not too distant future.

An exageration? Impossible? Couldn't happen here?

Remember why and how a large part of Canadian Jewry got here in the first place. Remember how comfortable, integrated, and successful European Jewry was up until WWII. Look around at our own comfort now (in spite of the bone-chilling temperature). What's the difference?

Not much.

Nothing could be more important than turning this tide of intolerance that is encompassing us. I can only imagine the alienation that Mr. Spector and others feel who have loyally served and devoted their lives to belief in the Canadian ethic.

I wish them the best of luck in making things right again, and I hope and pray they succeed. Barring that, I'll see you at home in Tel Aviv, where my kids will be dreaming of being the next Ilan Ramon, Eyal Berkovic, or Abba Eban.