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January 15, 2003

Canadians: Let's Take Action!

Shirley Anne Harber suggests:

We need to commend Bill Graham who has taken a firm stand against the hateful words of the Lebanese ambassador to Canada. HOWEVER, we should also state clearly that Canada should not tolerate having the ambassador slander the Jewish community. He should be sent back to Lebanon! He should respect Canada's decision to ban Hezbollah. He should be praising Canada for its decision to fight against terrorism to make Canada a safer place for our citizens!

On a separate note: Everyone must make an effort to visit this most miraculous country [Israel]! In spite of all the stress brought on by the terrorism which the Israelis live with on a daily business, life goes on just as usual. They are a most incredible, resilient people who deserve our support and our praise!

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The Honourable Bill Graham
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