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January 18, 2003

The Canadian CBC's Love Affair With Hezbollah

Stephen Brown writing in Front Page Mag comes out firing.
The occasion for the CBC's whitewash of the deadly terrorist organization occurred after the Liberal government of Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien finally screwed up its courage and added it to its list of banned terrorist groups.
and concludes
And while Canadian Jewish groups have accused the CBC of anti-Israel bias, don't expect any changes soon. As with PBS, the CBC knows no shame when it comes to such disgraceful journalism by omission.
For a while, the CBC agreed to accept Norman Spector's challenge to debate whether the CBC was biased or not or was violating its own policies in reporting in the M.E., but then emasculated the debate to the point where it was no longer a debate but a controlled discussion. Spector rejected their conditions and the debate is off. Only strong public pressure will change things.