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January 06, 2003

A C T I O N !

The following was e-mailed to me by Mike Diamond. Let's join in - it just takes a minute or two (your milage may vary, however).

Please sign the petition to support the following motion at ContreLeBoycott.

The primary content of the motion is printed below but you must go to the site to vote.

This deals with the entirely inappropriate boycotting by various universities in Europe of Israeli academics and universities.


The motion approved on December 16, 2002 by a vote by the Administrative Council of Pierre and Marie Curie University (University of Paris 6) on a matter which was not originally on the agenda and was discussed at the end of the session when only 33 members out of the 60 were still present, received 22 votes. This decision of the Administrative Council of Paris VI appeals to the European Union not to renew a framework agreement for university-level scientific exchanges with Israel and is both totally unwarranted and counter-productive for those who truly wish to work for peace.

Why should Israeli university faculty be excluded?
Are they responsible for the situation of their Palestinian colleagues?
Should we agree to ban faculty simply on the basis of their nationality?
Isn't stigmatizing them in the name of democracy and human rights adopting a manichean vision?
What state or democratic body -- recognized as such by the international community -- has ever raised doubts as to the democratic nature of the State of Israel?

All violations of human rights should always be denounced. Yet, to be legitimate, denunciations should apply to all sides in a conflict.
[Truncated; please see full text at the link given above].