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January 20, 2003

Are Two of Three US anti-Iraq Warfronts Buckling?

Turkey and Jordan have withdrawn from the coalition

IMRA reports Jordan to install missiles to block Israeli jets from reaching Iraq

Debka reported two days ago.
Jordanian’s monarch Abdullah II has developed cold feet on his armed forces’ role in the US campaign against Iraq, a mere two weeks after Turkey held back permission for US forces to use its bases as staging posts for its invasion of Iraq from the north (as first revealed in DEBKA-Net-Weekly on Jan. 10) – halting the transfer to Turkish bases of American armored divisions, warplanes and naval units. Abdullah followed suit by backtracking on his previous consent for additional US forces to ship out to Jordan to build up the invasion force on the Western sector. MORE

The article goes on to show how significant the impact of these two defections is.