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January 27, 2003

Arab nations falling into line on Iraq Many, like Jordan, no longer oppose war

Instapundit picks up this interesting story from SFGate, indicating that though many Arab states seemed bitterly opposed to an American attack upon Iraq, this is not truly the case at all.
Amman, Jordan -- The slogan appears on walls, bus shelters and billboards throughout the country. "Jordan First," it reads in Arabic, over a photo of outstretched hands lifting the national flag.

It's a message from the country's ruler, King Abdullah II, that Jordan's national interest -- not those of Iraqis or Palestinians -- must guide government policy.

Despite strong public opposition to a U.S. strike against Iraq and equally strong support for the Palestinian cause, the king is charting a careful course that avoids offending his prime international patron, the United States.

It's a stance that is being adopted by most governments in the region. At a time when opposition to war is growing in Europe, led by France and Germany, most Arab regimes appear to be moving in the other direction.