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January 20, 2003

Anti-war in Iraq Demonstrators Give Peaceniks A Bad Name
While a lot of ink has been spilled over the last few days on the lack of focus of the anti-war in Iraq "peace movement", the various and sundry side issues and "freaks" involved who are in reality pursuing their own radical and anrarchist agendas, I have another point to make.

Growing up, I always romanticized the Vietnam peace movement and still find something very appealing about the non-confrontational and peaceful lifestyle these people led. However, THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE PROTESTING THE WAR IN IRAQ. Wandering around my local campus, I was truly disheartened to see the ammount of hate, intolerance, and violence (Yes, mostly directed against Israel, Jews, and anything Western) that is openly on the agenda of these "peaceniks".

These people are not mellow hippies. They are advocating savage and horribly violent militancy. Is it just me?