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January 13, 2003

The American Zionist Information Network Is Back Online!

Despite the treachery of the anti-Semites and the leftists (or it may have been server problems at my webhosting company) the American Zionist Information Network is back online! I thank all of you who sent me words of encouragement during this time of trouble (thanks Mom!) I realize that all three of my readers have been horribly shocked by this calamity which coincidently occurred just weeks before the elections as the world breathlessly awaited AZIN’s election coverage and endorsements. Clearly the wreckers and commissars in Labor have been working overtime to disable one of the few voices of sanity in a wilderness of appeasement and self hatred. For those of you who were on my mailing list, please sign up again or else you will miss all of my delusional rantings and cascading pejoratives. For the rest of you leftist traitors and anti-Semites, you can once again link to me off of Jewish Tribal Review.