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January 14, 2003

America and the Arab World: Another Voice

Gedankenpundit Cuts to the Key Idea

Fellow raconteur of Sufi stories Gedankenpundit was on a roll the other day. He, too, read the Dennis Prager article Ted points us to - then went on to land some direct hits of his own.
"The period since the end of World War II has brought great (as in good) social change to the Western world, notably a breaking down of preconceptions previously held sacred. Caucasians are, on average, neither more nor less intelligent than Africans, Asians or anyone else. All persons -- men or women -- qualified to do a job ought to have the same opportunity to get it. Sports teams, armies, schools, and the like can benefit from racial integration. That's the good. But along with the good have come some not-so-good ideas, perhaps the most dangerous of which is the idea that no one has the right to make a value judgment. Viewed through the lens of the post-9/11 world, that idea is dead wrong, and I'm still shocked that it took such a calamitous event to make me see it.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come, and yet it seems strangely possible to sustain an idea whose time has gone. That's what our educated fools are trying to do, and overturning such misguided idealism is the Battle of Midway, the sine qua non, of the War on Terror. The only way our enemies can beat us is to keep such ideas alive. It's time for them to go."
Past time, actually.