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January 13, 2003

About the War (and How America Is Losing) - by Chip Joyce.

Discussion about the catastrophic appeasement of militant Muslims.

This site provides a critical view of the so-called ''war on terrorism'' -- a
war we are not winning and cannot win, for we lack even the moral courage to
name the enemy (militant Muslims). The manifestation of this moral cowardice is
appeasement. This appeasement is the result of both the Left and Right betraying
America's founding values and leaving America defenseless against both the
ideological and physical attacks by militant Muslims. - Chip Joyce, Editor.

About the Sculpture

The photograph is Denis Foyatier's Spartacus which is in the Louvre.
Hand-cuffs broken, he is holding two broken small-swords thus indicating a
ferocious battle, and he stands defiantly and determined to fight relentlessly
for his freedom against tyranny. It represents the metaphysical antipode of
America's policy of appeasing militant Muslims. Photographed by the Editor.